Sunday, October 20, 2013

Keep it simple, stupid?

The person who sent me this titled it "Tiny truths":
1. Notice in a church:
''Do not leave mobile; purse, wallet,
hand-bag, girlfriend unattended... Others may think it is an answer 
to their prayers.''

2. Who is a psychiatrist?...
A qualified person who gives you an expensive and critical analysis about yourself, which your spouse gives for free on a daily basis!
3. Scotch whisky is a brilliant invention...
One double and you start feeling single again!
4. Global recessions and financial crises have become so serious that...
The majority of men have started
loving their own wives!

5. No matter how many times the teeth bite the tongue...
They still stay together in one mouth;
now, that's the Spirit of Forgiveness!

And the last word on the US debt ceiling?...

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