Monday, October 21, 2013

No one's looking up my back door for the next 5 years!

Still somewhat knocked out by the gas they pumped in for my colonoscopy op today (late afternoon), so will keep this short. They also pumped in air which gave me post-op nausea and backdoor "release".

Did you know that this centre I went to does 50 to 60 such procedures a day! (Memo to someone I know: you could have been rich by now. And you get to order people -- from the high and mighty to the lowly -- to pull down their pants for you.)

The worst part of a colonoscopy (for me anyway) is not so much the procedure itself but having, as part of the bowel "prep",  to take four litres of water from 7am to 11am (for afternoon ops). Each litre had to be mixed with a satchel of this (smart investors would have bought shares of the product's maker):

After two litres of this mixture, I felt really yucky! And it was already 9.30am with two more litres to go. If you don't complete this "water torture" treatment, upon arrival at the medical centre, they stick this into you before they even stick the endoscope in!...


Butt of Darkness (with apologies to Joseph Conrad):

So, did I get a clean bill of health? Here's the result:

The diverticulum from five years back is there but the good news is that it is not haemorrhageing.

Finally, for anyone who had missed this parody song which I had posted earlier, here it is again:

(Lookin' Up My) Back Door

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