Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sign spotting...

An "active" retiree keeps his eyes peeled (hmm, but why "peeled"?) for interesting signs, like this one:

What! Call the NEA inspectors... this worksite has to be hauled over the coals for daring to openly proclaim that it breeds mosquitoes at a time of high dengue alert in Singapore.

But, wait. There's more...

Haha, two key words had become faded. "AIMS" can be just barely made out but "ZERO" is almost completed faded. So the full message is "Our Construction Site AIMS for ZERO Mosquito Breeding!"

This sign on the bus I boarded, on the other hand, is very clear in its message that you can't bring durians on board:

Yup, you can't even sneak in durians that are pre-packed in styrofoam boxes. Hello, SBS Transit, I'm available as your onsite durian inspector. All confiscated items are mine, of course.

And then there is this puzzling carpark exit sign (sent to me by KA):

So, did some silly fool paint a zebra (pedestrian) crossing right in front of where vehicles exit the carpark? Or is the sign alerting drivers to beware of (beware of? look out for/watch out for, lah!) just ONE pedestrian who -- for some reason -- likes to walk across that spot, perhaps back and forth repeatedly.

I found a similarly silly sign at a turnstile gate which connects to a path:

This one is even scary. The presumably moving bicycle you have to watch out for is not expected to have a rider; or there could be a ghost rider! The correct signage should be: "Watch out for cyclists".

Still on cyclist-related signs, I found these two online:


In an earlier blog entry, I had "noticed" this road sign that seemed to depict a man walking towards a flying saucer:

While I was in Hongkong, I spotted another strange sign -- a man walking his pet snake past a hill?...

So, doesn't this one here (with some imagination) look like some bug-eyed insect? Or space alien?

I think most people will know what it is, but I'll show the entire sign at the end.

This one is not local; it was sent to me by CC:


I have just a few more from the Incredibly India series:



And that full picture...


Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Finally, this link explains how the idiom above came about:

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