Thursday, October 24, 2013

Did they say that?

I have a small collection of what I shall dub "Did they say that?" Warning: no one is spared...


Here's a reversal of the "banana syndrome" (yellow on the outside, white on the inside).


Wah, this man sure knows how to "angkat" his wife!




Body of evidence?


Aiyoh, how, how, when the Chief Justice uses empty buzzwords like "ecosystem"? (Also, very long, long sentence, meh.)


I rest my case on this one.


I'm including this one only because it gives me an excuse to rehash an old joke from my school days:

There were two brothers named Trouble and Shut Up. One day, a policeman came across Shut Up looking agitated, as if he was looking for someone or something.

Policeman: Young laddie, what are you looking for?
Policeman: Watch your tongue, boy. What's your name?
Shut Up!


And, finally, this is how I think those little Minions came about...

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