Saturday, April 26, 2014

3 B's: Do babies blink?/Bloopers/and 10 things about the Bard.

Do babies blink?

I was cradling 26-day-old Matt, and he was looking at me. And looking at me. And looking at me. And he was not blinking!

Hello, I asked around, did you notice Matt just blinked only when he sneezed? Apparently, no one else had noticed that Matt could easily out-stare you.

Anyway, some quick research back home threw up these two tidbits:
* Newborns blink, on average, less than twice every minute;
* Adults blink, on average, 10 to 15 times every minute.

The New York Times has a very good article on the subject. You can Google for it under the headline "The Claim: Babies Blink Less Than Adults Do".



No 1: It sounds Latin to me

I wasn't looking out for bloopers. This one just popped out of the woodwork... well, printwork:

So, next time, don't say "It sounds Greek to me". Say: "It sounds Latin to me"!

No 2: A rare find: a virgin on board?

This other one popped out into my line of sight while I was surfing on my computer:

She can't be Madonna. The singer only claims to be "Like A Virgin".

No 3: I want this plane to get back to me by tomorrow! 

Wah, the minister, angry as he was, is asking for the impossible: the jet that was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday had to get back to him by tomorrow!

No 4: Can you spot this very easy (but common) grammatical mistake?

No 5: The world is all FUKT'd up? 

Len, from Perth, Australia, sent me this in an email as well as a screen grab:

"The editor-in-chief of the Australian Financial Review has apologised for a headline that ran on the front page of its Western Australian edition today stating: “ARMS BUILDUP | BUYS PLANES | WORLD IS FUKT.”
Michael StutchburyMichael Stutchbury told Mumbrella that the error occurred after an early version of the front page was accidentally sent to print centres nationally and an attempt to recall it was unsuccessful for the Financial Review’s Perth edition which as a result was sent to press with the wrong version. The WA edition also had a number of blank spaces on the cover.
And in a separate production problem, some editions of the AFR in Sydney were published without a barcode making them difficult for retailers to process.
The newspaper is the AFR’s Anzac Day public holiday edition, meaning it is on sale for the next four days."


The Bard's 450th birthday!
The world marked William Shakespeare's birthday on Wednesday:

10 Things You Didn't Know About Shakespeare

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