Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Some of life's takeaways, and reading between the lines...

Stressed? Who needs a stress ball?

Wikipedia: Lewis Ronald, Earth globe stress ball

...when there's a furball on hand!
(It definitely works in relieving stress... but, hey, it's NOT meant to be squeezed)

A healthy dose of humour is a must too...

Remember, anyone can tell a joke, even this one...

A crisis hotline telephone operator was fired after she told a man who had called to say he was standing in the middle of a railway track -- and a train was approaching -- to "keep calm and stay on the line".


Reading today's ST ((April 29), I found the choice for its Page One lead puzzling...

For a page one lead -- supposedly the primest of the day's prime stories -- it made me ask: So what? And it was written like the sort of staff movement profiles you'll see in inhouse newsletters. The real, related, story was to be found eight pages further away:

Why could not have the page one story be trimmed of all that fluff and the key points of the inside story be incorporated into it? That would have made it more deserving of that prime spot. Or did I miss anything in reaching this assessment?

Finally, I like this clever headline, also in ST (Apriil 29):

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