Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stretching the reader's imagination; and Keep Calm and Love SG!

My collection of stuff from the newspapers is overflowing! Here're some of the more recent notables...

Another picture that's worth a thousand words

This pic shows so much irony in this tragic event. First of all, the caption is a terrible one -- where are the people being rescued? We do not know when this picture was taken but it looked as if no one was in a hurry despite there being over 200 schoolchildren trapped below decks and the ship had yet to capsize. Secondly, all those unopened canisters of live-saving rafts! Where were the crew members who might have saved lives just by releasing those inflatables into the icy-cold sea?


Fancy layout, lousy proof check!


So near and yet so far!

If this map is more or less correct, it dramatically shows how this tiny outpost of a Japanese-held island (until now protected by only two policemen) is soooo much closer to Taiwan and China than to Okinawa, let alone the main Japanese islands.

As for the story itself...

...we are told this tiny island is just 150km from the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu island chain. Of course everything is relative and it is correct to say so, since Yonaguni is so many hundreds of kilometres from Tokyo.

But then...

...we are told Yonaguni is "practically within sight" of the disputed islands (they are low-lying islands but not rocks!). It will be a stretch of the imagination for the unaided human eye to see -- even on a clear day -- other tiny specks of islands from a distance of 150km!

There is a limit to journalistic licence, you know.

It must have been a VERY BIG stomach to stomach all those gold bars!

I always understood gold bars weighing upwards of a kilo (the bigger ones are also called gold ingots or bullion) to look like these:

Those gold pieces weighing in the grams (below one kilo) are better referred to as mini gold bars, medallions or even wafers. So this story plays loose with the term "gold bar"...


Red faces?


Adding to my Keep Calm collection

Finally, I like this "Keep Calm" headline...

It goes well with this tongue-in-cheek "Keep Calm" story by an expat, in

Advice for the newbie expat

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