Friday, April 4, 2014

Spirit of the signs, Singapore-style...

Not quite in the right spirit...

Alcohols? Plus, there is this peculiarly Singaporean phrasing: "No Outside (whatever) Allowed". Here's another variation, with bad grammar thrown in...


Proof of human trafficking here?


Here's another case of bad grammar...


Be seen, be found?

KA (who provided several of the pics here) and I felt that the tagline for the ad below -- "BE SEEN, BE FOUND! -- was kinda insensitive, with respect to the victims of MH370:

But it can't be as bad as this headline:


Huh? Is that a Hokkien swear word in there?...


Investment-grade fried shallots?


This credit card vendor wants to know if you are a senior public figure. Why?...

This credit card will save us! From what?


Finally, let's get back to matters of the spirit...

Any takers (other than undertakers)? What the writer means of course is: "Learn more/Find out more about Singapore's pioneers at Bukit Brown".

As for the headline below, it seems creepy...


  1. When I found out that "Kani" means "crab" in Japanese, I purposely sought out a "Nabe" (pronounced Nah-beh) place.

    1. Um, Nick, what about a certain 3-syllable Japanese brand of cosmetic that ends with "bo" (which may be pronounced as "bor"?