Monday, April 21, 2014

Foreign affairs: Did Putin wink back at Cristina?

My own headline for the story below would be:

With friends like Bob, who needs enemies?

Indeed, who needs Wikileaks (if he keeps publishing sequels)! Here's one of the book's juicy tittle-tattles:

Even juicier is Mr Carr's take on Argentina's president...

Hmm, so, did Mr Putin wink back at her?

Mr Putin, meanwhile, has been busy rejecting suggestions that he reclaim Alaska from the United States. "Too cold," he reportedly deadpanned:


Here in Singapore, the Russian Embassy's press secretary felt compelled to write to The Straits Times:

It was an official, and a sort-of-right-of-reply, letter. But guess what? It was put under the category "ST Readers' Post". And while the tag "JUST ONE VIEW" should -- if the letter in question were written by an ordinary ST reader -- carry no double entendre meaning, in this case...

Anyway, I must say Mr Ryakhovskiy writes very eloquently:


Our own Defence Minister is to be commended for his dignified yet firm and diplomatically superb response to that sorry that was not so much a sorry...

Dr Ng is also absolutely right in saying that "we live in this neighbourhood" and that "we have to find ways to build relationships with our neighbours". It carries the notion of a collective self-identity that seeks to define the group (and its collective interests) with respect to some "other/others". In the context of ASEAN, this may even be developed into what I would call a Neighbourhood Watch Group. In 2000, using this idea, I had written an academic article for the peer reviewed journal Contemporary Southeast Asia. I titled my essay "ASEAN as a Neighbourhood Watch Group".


Keep Calm and Keep Walking (Part 2)

I found this earlier article:


Finally, one more for my "Keep Calm" collection!...

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