Sunday, April 20, 2014

Keep calm and keep walking (it may save your life)!

Scary Facts About Sitting

It seems that since computers came along, we've been spending a huge part of our time sitting in place. But are chairs really the pose we want to assume most of our waking hours? 
The answer, we're afraid to say, is no. It's unnatural, causes multiple health issues, and is just plain bad for us. Here are some of the scarier facts about sitting down and being sedentary all the time. Remember, it helps a lot to get up every 20-30 minutes and walk around a bit!
Sitting can kill you

More terrifying facts about how sitting will kill you

So, once again...


  1. So should offices throw out our current desks and replace them with higher ones, or even better - make it mandatory to have mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee breaks?

    1. Yes, maybe higher desks... with a threadmill for the feet. And it'll still be a rat race: the bosses will likely configure the setup such that the slouchers will find the threadmill moving faster for them!