Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finding out more about GM foods...

Still curious about fruit labelling and the subject of genetically modified (GM)/genetically engineered (GE) foods, I checked online and felt that this WikiHow article was helpful:

How To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

What seems clear is that GM foods and/or GM-compromised foods are already pervasive (GMO -- genetically modified organisms -- are in almost all processed food).

 In urban Singapore, very few people have the option of growing or husbanding their own food supply. Even if one could, even the seeds, feedstock, etc, have to be scrutinised. Then there is the argument that we have been eating non-GM-free food for the longest time and are still alive.

Anyway, if you want to be further disturbed over the issue, read this:

Ten Scientific Studies Prove that Genetically Modified Food Can Be Harmful To Human Health

Black humour cartoons on the subject are aplenty...


Reviewing today's printed news, it looks like US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel got an earful from his Chinese hosts:


Picking up from my blog entry on the dos and don'ts as practised in the "old school" ST newsroom, this article (April 9) is yet another example I want to record:

Back then, while it was okay to abbreviate the rank of Superintendent of Police to SUPT on subsequent mention, we were not allowed to use ASP for Assistant Superintendent of Police, presumably because of the unintended association with a certain snake species. In the example above, no one seemed to care about this old-time ruling anymore.

Finally, from the same story (see below), can you spot the glaring typo error that the checkers did not?...

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