Thursday, August 21, 2014

A tribute to James Foley, plus some news items...

Requiem for a fallen journalist

People like James Foley are a reminder of journalism at its finest:

ST, Aug 21


Excellent cover design...

ST, Aug 21 an entirely new meaning to Shock and Awe (Shock and Awesome?)...

I like that delightful choice of word, "downtime", and that happy man's concluding quote:


Nice pic...
(three of the planes are the RSAF's; can you tell which?)

But I have a bone to pick with the caption's first line:

ST, Aug 21
If just one of these specialised and very expensive bombs was released, then the opening words should be "A fighter jet...". I suspect that was the case, ie, just one bomb. Another example of poor copy editing.

Meanwhile, this "little fighter" is waiting for a little boy to fit into it...


This headline did not work... it fell flat on its face! 
(I've said it before; an idiom works only in the right context)

ST, Aug 21

If you need to emphasise that "live" people were used in the controlled test, does it mean another round of tests used dead people??


English + Mandarin = Engdarin?

ST, Aug 21


Struck off the rolls? Struck off the roll?

ST, Aug 21

I had always wondered, since the correct term is the Roll of Lawyers, should it not be "struck off (the) roll"? I once checked with a senior lawyer but his answer that such use of the plural form is permissible fails to convince me that it is the correct usage.

Finally, the number of lawyers we have is very much in the news...

SunTimes, Aug 17

So, the collective term for lawyers is a "glut of lawyers"? Well put, I say.

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