Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Retire happy? Read less, laugh more.

I was at the bus-stop when this poster ad next to it beckoned to me...

That's right... I AM retired and "working" to be happy at it. So, for starters, I have resolved not to spend so much time reading practically everything in the newspapers. It does mean, however, that I will probably miss out on some of the stuff I might otherwise want to wax lyrical about in this blog. That's the price of "retiring happy", I guess.

Then I had a closer look at the ad:

Retire happy at 35? Heck, I had been missing the train all those previous 28 years!

Anyway, even if I am now reading the newspapers more cursorily, the weird, outrageous and funny stuff still stick out. Like this ad:

A selfie a day keeps your worries away!! It's no longer enough to sing along to "Don't Worry, Be Happy" (Bobby McFerrin) or the more recent "Happy" (Pharrell Williams). [Apparently, the device featured above allows one to take selfies and wefies with just one cellphone and the image is sent to several other cellphones at the same time.]

In my quicker perusing of TODAY, I nearly passed over this story (Aug 6) and the comical situation it described:

First, the context: all taxi drivers (unlike bus drivers) in Singapore have to be citizens. One assumption of this ruling, I suppose, is that locals -- even if they are newly minted cabbies -- will surely know the ins and outs of our little island (including, say, knowing that Sunset Way and Sunset Avenue are nowhere near each other). And cabbies surely know the shortest or the least congested routes, right? With this preamble in mind, here's the comical situation that unfolds in the story above:

This ST story (Aug 6) below did catch my attention though, so I did not miss the funny anecdote towards the end:

Imagine... Cause of death: Patient died of heart attack before surgery because he had 20 lottery tickets in his pocket, one of which had to be verified with staff from Singapore Pools that it was the first prize winning number.

Xin.msn had this amazing headline for its story on the Canadian-Taiwanese male actor:


Not everything is funny. This letter in TODAY proposes a very good idea. Who knows, there might be "happy un-retirees" as a result...

And I am sure this ST Forum writer, whose letter was published on July 31 (posted on my blog too), is still waiting for a response from the relevant authorities...


Finally, this picture (posted by Irene Hoe on Facebook) must surely be The Photobomb of the Year (even if the pose was intentional):

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