Tuesday, August 12, 2014

'Tidbits' from the newspapers...

Are the more experienced journalists so busy these days that they aren't able to spot stuff like this:

TODAY, Aug 12, page one
This is a page one story! I'm wondering whether it was simply a case of inattentiveness or that everyone who saw the word "unchartered" thought it was the correct one!

Anyway, here's help:

Uncharted versus Unchartered

Over at ST, this use of the shorthand expression "Canberra" is wrong...

ST, Aug 12, page A4 

The intended meaning is "a greater US troop presence in Australia", not just that tiny little capital territory called Canberra! 

Again, was it mere carelessness or no one knew it was wrong? On the same page (A4), just above the item cited above, "Manila" was correctly used, to mean "the Philippine government":    

This example below is more iffy. But I would prefer consistency, that is, "Canberra/Washington" or "Australia/the US":

ST, Aug 12

Okay, I'm done with error-spotting. I felt this range of ST Forum readers' views (Aug 12) on the use of mobile devices in cars (and even by pedestrians), was pretty enlightening:


On the international politics front, this letter (ST Forum, Aug 12) by Taiwan's representative here is food for thought, especially when one is cognizant that Taipei and Beijing have never contradicted each other's territorial claims in the East China Sea and the South China Sea:

Meanwhile, one American commentator (a former diplomat no less!) wants to take the already roiling South China Sea disputes into uncharted waters!...

South China Sea: A Counter to China’s Paramilitary Juggernaut                

Finally, I always love tidbits of trivia. This one came courtesy of ST's Classified (Aug 12):

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