Friday, August 15, 2014

Picture this!

Just a picture but it says a lot, doesn't it?...


Always think BIG!...


Dog logic 101: To him, it makes scents...


We can remove anything... even houses and offices!...


You can't compromise on workplace safety. This message (even if it's ungrammatical) pulls no punches:

ST, Aug 14
I once saw a worker with a workplace safety tee-shirt. I don't recall the exact words emblazoned on it but they were something like this:

If you are going to risk falling from 30 feet up, why not add another six feet down?


There was this ST article today on a new SAF training facility:

ST, Aug 15
It said infantrymen will get "more hands-on experience with firing live rounds during combat training". But this accompanying picture seemed strange:

Imagine these soldiers all prepped up with fully-loaded automatic weapons charging into the room, ready to fire away...

...and confronting NO FIRING signs everywhere! Remember, they're Singaporeans. It's in their DNA: all signs must be obeyed ("just follow, lor").


Finally, this last item doesn't fit in with today's "Picture this!" theme, but I think it's a pretty interesting letter, if I may say so myself:

TODAY, Aug 15

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