Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh Singapore... 49 and counting!

The Little Red Dot is celebrating its 49th birthday (Aug 9). For good reasons, we are worriers but this is the time to cast worries aside and celebrate. In this spirit, Scoot's ad takes a light-hearted dig at what makes us "Singaporean"...

Even foreigners are joining in, with this cheeky post which TalkingCock picked up...

60 Signs You've Been In Singapore Too Long

Meanwhile, the Singapore flag is adorning buildings and cars. But just what is "New Singapore", as KA noted in the pic he sent to me?...

The National Museum too is milking our sentimental journey with a celebratory exhibition, fronted by this evocative ad...

Oh yes, those were the days when we bought 45rpm and 33rpm records and played them on turntables. I wish I had kept my collection. I might even have bought the one above. I wonder what was on its B side?

There will not be a new National Day song this year. But the Remember Singapore site has a collection of past favourites...

The Favourite National Day Songs We Once Sang

Finally, there's always a place for the parodies too, like this one...

Count Money, Singapore

We have a revision of pay tomorrow
Just release, just release
 We have a poorer Singapore
We won't receive, we won't receive
You and me, we have to part
With our CPF for a start
We have to show the world that we take less money
We won't receive, we won't receive

There is nothing down the road that we can look for
We were told to dream that we could never try for
There's a spirit in the air
That seventh month feelings we all share
We're gonna build a better after-life for you and me
We were deceived, we were deceived

Count money, Singapore
count on me to give my salary and more
You and me
We'll do our part, give our kidneys and hearts
We're gonna show the world how to GIRO our body
We can't resist, we can't resist

Count money, Singapore
Count money, Singapore
Count on me to give my life and more
Count money, Singapore

We can resist together, Singapore
Vote wisely, eight years more
We can resist together, Singapore
Vote wisely, eight years more
We can resist together Singapore
Count on me to give my vote and more
Together Singapore, Singapore

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