Saturday, August 16, 2014

Zebra crossings, from A (Abbey Road) to Z.

The world's most famous zebra crossing marked an anniversary on Aug 8. On that day 45 years ago, the Fab Four were photographed walking across the St John's Wood crossing in London, on their way to the Abbey Road studio to record the album Abbey Road. That photo was to grace the album's cover:

Being someone who has the condition known as literalitis, I had always thought a zebra crossing sign was meant for zebras and that people had no right to use that crossing:

That was why this sign puzzled me too:

The silhouette looks like a man's, not a zebra's, raised or not! Poor zebras, they should have the last laugh:
Anyway, someone sent me a pictorial of creative zebra crossings from around the world:

Come on, Singapore's LTA, let's have some funky zebra crossings too!

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