Thursday, August 14, 2014

Will the real Casanova please stand up? And how my whistling sounded flat -- to my dog!

Try this quiz:

Who was Casanova? He was:
* a womanizer in the tradition of "slam, bang, thank you ma'am"
* a high society networker who counted Voltaire and Mozart among his circle
* a respected librarian.

Google for "Casanova" today and you will find adjectives like these (below) for the modern-day copycats. We know what they are:
* Online Casanova
*Internet Casanova
*Cyber Casanova
*Scamming Casanova.

But I have not come across "fake Casanovas" until I saw this TODAY report:

TODAY, Aug 14, page one
So what are "fake Casanovas"? Put it this way, what is a fake thief?

And if, as the term is understood today, Casanovas rip women off, do they get their comeuppance? This story -- from the region where the Arabian Tales were spun -- apparently speaks of one instance of a Casanova caught in his own trap :

Online Casanova scammed

If nothing else, the reporter had spun a very good story!

Most reports about Casanovas are cautionary reminders about not being taken for a ride, such as this one set in smalltown USA:

Local Woman Victim of Casanova Scam

As reported in the TODAY story above, Singapore police have set up this useful microsite:

Ah yes, the real Casanova. He was all three: a legendary womanizer, a friend of folks like Mozart and Voltaire, and in his later years, a librarian in some count's household. That was where he wrote his life story.

Yet another film legend has died:

ST Life! Aug 14.

I have never whistled to Killer. So I did, and this was his reaction:

But I guess I was not as good as Lauren Bacall. This was how Killer rated my whistling prowess:

Hey, Killer...your turn. Can you whistle while you woof?

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