Thursday, August 28, 2014

Going driverless, and other technological 'marvels'...

This was the exciting news in the newspapers (Aug 28) about Singapore embarking on a bold technological journey!...


Now that there won't be any "driver at the wheel", I guess this joke will now be passe...


Still on technology becoming ever more pervasive, there was this ST article today (Aug 28):

However, it may be wise to also embrace technology "paywave" with some fear, if this YouTube video -- about how easily your credit card information can be skimmed nowadays -- is to be believed (caveat: I do not know if the product featured works as advertised)...


I had poured cold water on an earlier story about a Chinese technological breakthrough: supersonic submarines. ST's report today (Aug 28) validates my scepticism:


I had wondered how ISIS, which is by no means a technological juggernaut, was funded. I am glad ST has this report (Aug 27):


Finally, this graphic is in the category of "a picture says a thousand words". No technological hype needed... just the ability to convey an idea simply...

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