Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stuff I read in today's newspapers...

You and the law: Did you know you had to do this?
(Case No 1)

I am sure many of us are like Miss Joanne Ho, who had dutifully informed her insurance company of the accident the very next day and thought that was that. Who would have thought the offer by the police of a composition fine needed to be reported to the insurer too! At the very least, should not the insurer have advised her that any offer of a composition fine should be communicated to it. Finally, did the learned judge -- assuming he is also a motorist -- knew this before he presided over the case?

You and the law: Interesting points raised about caning!
(Case No 2)

ST, Aug 23

But what's startling is one portion (circled) in the TODAY report:

TODAY, Aug 23

Wow, a child as young as seven years old may be tried in a court here, and such a child may be caned if so ordered by the court?


Obama: Bad day to play golf!

TODAY, Aug 23
Abe: Bad day to play golf!

ST, Aug 23

Eye-catching headline but the story is incomplete...

ST, Aug 23

There is one question that was not asked in the report: Who are the ones funding these ISIS militants, who are all members of the Sunni branch of Islam?


Sigh, another example of sloppy copy editing...

ST, Aug 23

What does " able to deploy special forces directly from the submarine" mean? Is there a way to deploy these special forces indirectly from the submarine? They can be teleported out?


On The Internet, Nobody Knows You're A Dog. Really?

How about this pic of Lassie!...

TODAY, Aug 23

Choosing a name for the baby: How about Filial Mountain?

Finally, there was an earlier story of how a celebrity couple named their newborn son Zed. It prompted a Sunday Times story on unusual names (Aug 17). That report in turn led to these letters (ST, Aug 23):

My own given name means "filial mountain" if literally translated into English. All I can say is that my late grandfather, who had insisted on that name, had a great sense of humour.

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