Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fuzzy logic.

Nick sent me this with the poser, "Are there bright ones?"...

I am sure there are. I hear the Dim Sum Dollies are pretty talented.

I ordered some pizza and was asked, "Would you like our Classified Pizza?" Huh? Were they hush-hush top secret and leaked out by Wikipizza? Anyway, I did and the delivery man did not shoot me:

There are 10 eggs in this carton. So only one egg is premium and fresh?

It pays to be super kiasu, even if it means having to keep an eye on your loved one(s)!

These are mice? (Wait till they infest Bukit Batok!)...


Stuff that appear in the newspapers may turn up ambiguous too:

 Oh dear, how far can this US helicopter reach? Will it make it to the Indonesian ship?

I do not think this woman would like to be called a serviceman!

So there are models that do not work? Any refund?

Can planes fly without permits? Of course they can! Should they be allowed to fly without permits? Now that's a different question.  

Likewise, what is to stop Singaporeans from being idealistic, if they are so inclined?

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