Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kee Chiu (part 2)/Creative juices (part 2).

Repeat after me, hor, Pioneer Generation Package not political

You must ask tough questions!

You know what to do if you want my vote... haha, joke lah!

[Um, Mr Teo, if you are 60 years old this year, you are five years off the cut-off for the PGP, not "just missed" the cut-off. Someone who is 65 this year would have just missed the cut-off.]

You guys are doing it wrong!... watch me on how to Kee Chiu!

Even this pre-toddler got it right!


On a serious note, I didn't know this!
(and I thought I knew a lot)...


This is what I call a 'reversible headline'
(You know what it will be if Venus had lost. And, guys, the pun is getting stale by now.)


Creative juices... in the right spirit (Part 2)

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