Thursday, January 8, 2015

Roots (Part 4)... connecting some dots.

If my Ah Kong died in September 1961 and my Ah Ma died in February 1980, she outlived him by some 18 years! Both were born in 1892 (he in April and she in December) so he was 69 years old in 1961 while she lived till she was 87 years old.

As for my father and mother...

...he died (aged 68), almost three years after my grandma died. My mother lived till she was 73, some six years later.

We have a generational "naming" list:

So my grandfather's father (my mysterious great grandfather) would have been named Khoo Lin (whatever). And if my grandfather had siblings, they should all have been named Khoo Seng (whatever). I say "should" because of the assumption that the generational name is kept. This marker is important because it helps identify members -- at the same generational level -- of the same extended family.

Taking my grandfather as Generation One, this is the family tree down to the level of me and my cousins. Even down to this level, when traditional norms were strong, there are exceptions to our Khoo generational names:

I had thought this work-in-progress family tree had been lost when my eldest brother Tee Chuan died. Luckily, he had given a soft copy to my cousin How Ghee who recently contacted me.

I can, for now, only provide updates with regard to the Khoo Ghee Tam ("first uncle") sub-tree:

Khoo How Tiong has since died (Feb 5, 2014); and
Gan Chong Yong died in December 2008. How Teng is since remarried (to Yu-Shin Hou).

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