Sunday, January 18, 2015

Two years on... you will always be dearly missed, How Eng.

It has been two years since How Eng died (Jan 18, 2013). She was just three years older than me, and we often fought as kids but we also loved each other to bits. She compiled a collection of old photographs three years before she died and burnt a CD for me. Here are five selected photos from that treasured compilation:

Childhood days in Pulau Bukom... How Eng, me, and father

Gone swimming: How Yong, me, and How Eng
(PG rated: this will be the only naked picture in this blog)

On a cruise ship (to Penang, I think)

Penang Hill (??): Father, How Tiong, How Eng, How Yong, mother, and me in front (the only pic here of me smiling)

At the rustic Jalan Puspa, Pasir Panjang home of our paternal grandparents

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