Friday, January 23, 2015

Hits and misses.


Found this online. So apt for a Friday...

Break open in an emergency, like when one yearns for tidbits from one's childhood days!...

This Pope is a Godsend to journalists. His soundbites are sooo punchy!...

Someone even compiled a Pope Francis List...


What a wasted opportunity. This story screams for a catchy headline but what do you see?...

Even the subsidiary heading will put the reader to sleep. What's needed is something like this:

Fifty shades
of play

Esplanade to mark SG50
with line-up of local
works as full-length
plays, readings and excerpts


This too is a bad miss. Clueless writing and equally clueless proof-checking...

This one below got it right. The reader is told an event has already happened and another event will take place at a later date:



Finally, I too might have unwittingly written this since the intended meaning seems obvious...

But when one thinks about it, is it possible to escape the gallows a second time (short of failing to die on the executioner's first attempt at springing the trapdoor!)?

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