Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So, do rabbits breed like rabbits?

Now this is interesting...

The subheading above says: "He [the Pope] affirms contraception ban while appealing for responsible parenting". But responsible parenting does not necessarily have anything to do with the number of one's offspring. There are irresponsible parents with just on child and highly responsible parents with many children in tow. Bad paraphrasing!

What the Pope appeared to have said (reading further down the story) was this: "The key teaching of the Church is responsible parenthood." That makes a world of semantic difference, and it would then sync with that soundbite advice to Catholics that has since propagated around the world, "Don't breed like rabbits".

My curiosity kicked in. Do rabbits breed like rabbits?

Just give me 20 seconds, darling. My name's Napoleon and I have a plan to overrun the world (Picture: Wikipedia). 
Thankfully, Mental Floss was ready with an answer:

Are Rabbits as Prolific as Everybody Says?

Read it for its fascinating expose. And read the readers' comments too, then commiserate with the miserable farmers in Australia.

Is there an SG50 slogan from all this for our population planners? "Hop to it, Singaporeans"?

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