Friday, January 2, 2015

The pursuit of joy, happiness and free-dom...

The joy of getting rid of clutter

What's Japanese, has a charming smile, and is a best-selling "guru" on the art of war -- on clutter? Her name is Marie Kondo. So the teasing pronoun should be "Who?", not "What?"

She says she has helped millions of people "declutter". Along the way she offers some pop psychology advice too: we keep things because we either won't shake off the past or because we fear the future.

Here she is, explaining why we should keep only the things that bring us "joy" (thanks, KA, for the tip)...
One Guru’s Approach to Decluttering Your Home—and Your Life

Ms Kondo's minimalist approach includes the art of folding a long sleeved shirt neatly in nine moves...


Be happy -- with your weight

Just step on this restaurant's scale....

The pursuit of free-dom, Singapore-style

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