Friday, January 30, 2015

Parliament 'news' boring? And 'Op Coldstore' is about stuff in a fridge, right?

Who says reporting about Parliament is sleep-inducing? How about...

Rats in Parliament!

Okay, it's not about rats in Parliament but about the topic of a spike in rat-proliferation being raised in "squeaky cleaned" Parliament. At least we now know that over 35,000 rodent burrows were uncovered last year. I am not sure if the headline above -- Winning the rat race -- is quite accurate:

It is indeed still a "ratty" problem:

And I learnt that there really is such a word as ratty (do your own homework: check it out).

Columbarium-gate: Hope springs Eternal? Not always...

But the big news from the Parliamentary session is the reversal on the siting of a commercially-run columbarium in Sengkang -- a single-member constituency (SMC), ie, not a group representation constituency (GRC):

The controversy "ignited"... no better word describes the events that followed:

The minister, after explaining his ministry's change of tack, turned meditative:

Staff memo: Did you meditate before logging on?
The online world was abuzz. This is just one posting, by The Independent:

So, don't say Singapore's Parliament is not an exciting place. It is, at least in this past week, including today.

Finally, there have also been recent reports about the display of cluelessness (really "blur", not "act blur") by many Singaporeans about major events in the country's modern history. I'll let this cry-till-you-laugh story fill you in...

Here are some responses from young Singaporeans that the IPS survey would hate to publish

Because there will be a lot of cleaning up of coughed-up blood.

Operation Coldstore?...

...It's about freezing stuff, right? (24-year-old university student).

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