Friday, June 6, 2014

On the weekend's menu...

Isn't this a cool brew?

Beng was at a McCafe outlet to get himself a cappucino; the barista took a look at his face, then came up with this! I wonder how Beng eventually got to drinking up his coffee.

Did you know that the coffee bean is actually a fruit, a cherry?

Coffee, it seems, has "bean" misunderstood.... This Washington Post article in Mind Your Body debunks some of the myths about the caffeine part:


Coffee is my favourite beverage. I can now say it is my favourite fruit beverage. The persimmon is my favourite fruit. I bought a bag of these dried persimmons in Chinatown. They are imported from China:

What I don't understand is why we don't get the fresh variety from China. The best persimmons still come from Israel, so much farther away. It is a versatile fruit, says this article below:

For example, it strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, fights insomnia, prevents kidney stones, gets rid of hiccups, may be used to make sake wine, and is even an insect repellent. What more can it do? Defy ageing, says the article above.

But the article does not say how many persimmons one has to take daily to "defy" ageing. What I do know is that this ST headline makes no sense...

And I wonder what our Indonesian friends think of this ST headline:

Like our president, the Indonesian president also has a doctorate, that is, he is Dr Yudhoyono. Alternatively, what's wrong with calling our president "Tony Tan" in a headline? There is an accepted journalistic practice to do so. As it is, the headline above sticks out oddly.

Finally, this should help you make it through the weekend (at least)!...

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