Friday, June 13, 2014


It's the weekend, and I could blog about boring issues like this one...

ST, June 12
...HDB landlords? Only in Singapore do we call people who lease public flats (the lessees) from the Housing and Development Board (the HDB, ie, the lessor, ie, THE landlord) and who then sublet out rooms or even the entire flat (yes, it is possible!) "landlords". But then, of course, in Singapore, such public housing leases have a tenure of 99 years -- so the scheme is called "home ownership". Indeed. such leased homes can be "resold" (to the next lessee), often for a good profit. It's good public policy, and it works, so why quibble/split hairs over nomenclature?

So, it's the weekend and I'll rather blog about this wacky idea:

7 reasons this Katy Perry song is secretly an NDP song

(NDP = National Day Parade; Singapore's National Day is on August 9.)


Then there's this "Wanted Ad" making the rounds online...

Wanted: Mercedes chauffeur to send student to school


But, most of all, because it's the weekend, and if you're having a beer or two, here's something to cheer you up...

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