Thursday, June 19, 2014

What I read today (part 1)...

Will my England be powderful?

As I start writing this blogpost (midnight, Singapore time), the England vs Uruguay match is just three hours away. By the time I awake later in the morning, one of these two teams ARE expected to start packing for home. I use the plural "are" in keeping with sports reporting tradition. Similarly, in the sports pages, it is the England team, not the English team:


I am rooting for the England team. To put it, in a twist to the Singlish expression, I will know when I awake if "my England is powderful" or not!


So, all full-time national servicemen are not yet operationally ready?

I'm sure this correction (TODAY, June 19) still leaves many ordinary readers clueless:


The Pee-nacle?

KA sent me a text message at 7.59am to tell me that "The Pinnacle is now known as "The Pee-nacle". I did not know what he meant until I read ST (June 19). The Pinnacle@Duxton is Singapore's poshest public housing estate with apartment blocks that rival those in private condominiums:  

For the next few days, you can bet that no female resident in that estate will be seen wearing a white long-sleeved top or sporting a pony-tail!

Something else caught my eye... the unfortunate facing page's headline:


They killed a majestic rhino so that a tourist can pose like this?


There were a couple of good letters in ST (June 19):

And the POSB brands itself as the people's bank (Neighbours first, bankers second)?

I too await the AVA's response. The navel oranges, persimmons and grapes I eat are nowadays seedless. Thankfully, they have not yet genetically modified apples this way.

The commentary in TODAY (June 19) by Dr Tan Cheng Bock tells it as it is:


May the floss be with you

Finally, from ST's magazine insert Mind Your Body, I learnt something from the horse's mouth: that one should actually floss before brushing one's teeth. Did you know that?,,,

As for DIY teeth-whitening, someone I know claims that the inside of the banana skin does the trick! Now that's another one from the horse's mouth.

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