Monday, June 23, 2014

Scams, YouTube tips, and 'How do I love bak chang, let me count the ways...

The scammers sure are busy...

An online check showed that  +447 is a UK code but scammers from elsewhere are using it to redirect callers to a number in another country.

Meanwhile, in my email inbox was this message:

Microsoft account security alert
(from The Microsoft account team)

We think that someone else might have accessed the Microsoft account xxxxxxxx. 

[Two links are provided, one to recover the account and the other to make the account more secure.]

Check this site for nearly similar examples:


The Sunday Times (Singapore) highlighted some useful tips gleaned from YouTube:

This one below is a really clever way to make use of a spaghetti strand!...


Finally, I think the bak chang season is wrapping up (and making way for the durian season). I've been eating the stuff since childhood. Here's a write-up in ST Classified that lists the different types here in Singapore...

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