Saturday, June 14, 2014

Some things strange, and something spot-on...

Strange ad...

Happy Father's Day, dad! Here's a WC as my gift to you. Now you can't say what I get you every year had been a waste of money. This time it's money gone to "waste"!

Strange LTA rule: If it does not add up to a car, it's not a car;
if it does not look like a motorcycle, it's not a motorcycle!

I guess with such bureaucratic rules, Singapore's air force will never get to acquire flying machines like the MV-22 Osprey!...


Strange 'What it should have been'...

Um, given that he was speaking as a PAP member, who are the "we" then? It reminds me of the letter writers to the press who, after identifying an issue -- say, road-rage bullying, littering, fostering filial piety, creating a better society, funding some project, etc -- then go on to pepper their missives with "we must do this" or "we must do th" without specifying who exactly are the "we"! I suppose, as the song goes, WE ARE THE WORLD...


I had a strange feeling that someone would write to ST Forum in response to that "HDB landlords" commentary and, indeed, one such letter appeared today (June 14):


Finally, there is nothing strange about this one... it is a very sound, measured, spot-on assessment by our foreign minister on China's latest move over the South China Sea disputes:

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