Monday, June 30, 2014

Move your coccyx (a snazzier way of saying 'Move your butt')!

A classy headline (TODAY, June 30):

A so-so headline (ST, June 30):

Yes, Singapore seems to be getting hotter...

But, no, Singapore does NOT have the four seasons!...

And as this Sunday Times Q&A snippet admits, it is NOT TRUE that all Singaporeans will get MediShield Life subsidy (see earlier blogpost):


One more fine-print eyebrow-raiser:


Wah, this item is HOT! It even provides "wireless steaming"!...
(Receiver is misspelled too, plus other grammatical mistakes.)


Time to get rid of those old, useless "door mates"? (spotted by Liane)...


The Americans continue to be besotted with, and bewildered and bemused by Team USA's progress in the 2014 FIFA World Cup ahead of Tuesday's match against Belgium:

What Reaching the Quarter-Finals of the
World Cup Would Mean for the US


Finally, two interesting medically-related terms I picked up:

DICKY KNEE (from Reader's Digest):
[Dicky (or dickey) = shaky, unsteady or unreliable]

COCCYX (from Baby Blues):
[the "tailbone", the final segment of the vertebral column in tailless primates, for example, humans. It's a great word for Scrabble players and trivia pursuers ("What is the scientific name for the "butt bone"?]  

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