Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Going, going, going...

Going flat out for flat-tops?

Today is SAF Day. And you have to give it to Singapore's MINDEF for the way it "sold" -- to the local media -- its interest in acquiring a certain type of warship (below). Humanitarian and disaster relief operations were cited by the defence minister. The ST and TODAY reporters who covered the media event were of course helpful in this regard; ie, they asked no pesky questions and angled their stories in a similar way:

ST, July 1

TODAY, July 1
I'm doing likewise, and asking no pesky questions. Instead, I found this interesting Defense News article written four months back (March 1):

Is a Light Carrier in Singapore's Future?


Defense News
People who are familiar with military matters will find the article's conjectures plausible. I would add two more conjectures:

* There will have to be more than one such vessel, if the aim to have at least one of them operationally ready at all times. This is because, for example, one may be in dry dock and another may not be fully operationally or may not be "in-theatre" for one reason or another;
* The trade-offs in the acquisition of the V/STOL version of the F-35 will indeed be major considerations. Cost-wise, I'm wondering if some sort of leasing arrangement can be worked out.

I expect some seasoned defence commentators to start weighing in soon. For sure, if MINDEF proceeds with both the ships and the aircraft, Singapore's military capability will have gone up by more than a notch.


Going bananas?

Luis Suarez has apologised. So what is this man still so upset?...

Anyway, I don't understand what are "sons of b******". I get confused after two asterisk marks. These others usually have the asterisks in the middle, which is very helpful, for example, "f**k" and "sh*t". So I'll hazard a guess that "b******" means bananas.

Going loco?
(Nick sent me this one...)

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