Saturday, July 5, 2014

Songs for a baby, and decoding doggie language...

Matt, just three months old five days ago, should grow up to have a love for music, what with his daddy singing to him tunes like this catchy Beatles (Ringo Starr's voice) song, Octopus' Garden:

I also like these animated covers of two of my favourite Beatles songs:

Yellow Submarine

When I'm Sixty-Four


Hey, I WILL be sixty-four next year!

But Brady is even older. He is 17 years old this month, which makes him a very, very old Beagle. He sleeps a lot these days:

Killer, the 10-year-old Mini Schnauzer, sometimes thinks he's still a puppy. He's very expressive and never fails to greet us in the morning. I learnt to "decode" one of his gestures from this link which KA sent to me:

So that's what it's all about... every morning, Killer gives us the "Hello I Love You" greeting stretch!

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