Thursday, July 3, 2014

Questions, and answers (needed)...

This ST Forum writer has raised pertinent points:

If the biscuit tin alternative is impractical, maybe we should all start buying gold. But where to safely store the gold? I have other questions arising from this matter:

* Was such state-authorised action debated and approved in our Parliament?
* Are there other countries with such measures? What are these countries, if any?
* What other areas of our private lives are deemed to be "accessible" to the authorities without our authorisation, apart from the needs of national security? (What are these national security needs? Phone and online tapping being one?)

This other letter below (also in ST Forum) appeared earlier in the week:

The writer raised issues which I had blogged about too. Well, the Health Minister "clarified" things yesterday (reported today):

TODAY, July 3

I'm glad food writer Sylvia Tan wrote this column below for Mind Your Body:
(incidentally, the headline requires a question mark)


Finally, this critique of the US-Belgian match in TODAY (July 3) is really funny:

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