Thursday, July 24, 2014

My 'visit' to The White House.

Every tourist to DC will surely want to visit TWH, if possible. But not having tried to book one of the coveted escorted tours way, way ahead (and very likely contending with background checks), we did what most people did: take pictures from the outside, with the camera zooming in...

Heck, even this guy on horseback -- seen desperately waving his hat -- couldn't get any closer:

Come to think of it, who will let him in? He's got cannon set up and pointing directly at TWH!...

Then there are always the de rigeuer protest banners nearby:


White House trivia

TWH has a website. But note it is NOT "". If you tried to click on that one, you will get this!...

The correct website address is:

I was curious about what the incumbent Veep in The White House had to say in his "white board" presentation, so I checked out the YouTube video. Quite interesting...

Finally, I think the most hilarious parody of the occupant of TWH before the present one is this YouTube video titled "Hu is the President?"...



  1. They should build a shinkansen from NY to SF.

    1. Haha, yes, indeed. Can land in SF airport then bullet train to NY City!