Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Give me liberty or give me death, said Charlie the revolutionary cat...

I come back from my holiday and what do I see? This awfully bad headline!...

It's as bad as "Please eat grandma". On my trip, I came across this place in the Shenandoah Valley that, likewise, had never heard of punctuation marks (as told to us, the place was named after a ferry boat owner called Harper):

Back to headlines. I can't decide if this one is awful or good!...

Meanwhile, I learnt something amazing from Singapore's own Sunday Times (July 13) -- that some people share the same unusual given name, Writer:

Imagine these folks meeting each other at the event:

Hi, my name's Writer. 
That's amazing, Ms Tan. I am Writer Ng.
Hey, we share the same given name. I am Writer Cheong.

No sub or checker realised that night how ridiculous it was to stick an adjective-label in front of a person's name (at the start of a sentence) and then repeating it for other names in an event like the one above, where almost everyone is a writer?

Here are some interesting signs spotted on my trip:

Hmm, I think the cat chose death. Or maybe it failed in all nine attempts to secure its liberty.

And the road to revolution starts after you have turned the engine off. No riding to victory; you foot soldier! Why do you think we call you that?...

Just as well, anyway. Our bus coach was kneeling in fear...


Finally, I got to meet "Abraham Lincoln"...

...he went around shaking hands with some of the people in our group and asking where we were from. When he came to me, I said, "Singapore, Michigan". I later told him there once had been a town with the name Singapore in Michigan.


  1. "Here's some interesting signs spotted on my trip"

    Faux pas en langue?

    1. Paiseh, paiseh... I fall on my own petard. Tks, Michael. Am correcting the offending line.