Monday, July 7, 2014

Do you know your Singapore? Ah, but which one?

I decided to join and had to fill in some details on its website.

No problem, until I got to "Where am I located?" The entry field was "city, state, country". When I started to type "Singapore", this appeared:

Yes, I knew there once was a Singapore in Michigan and I had blogged about it. But I did not know that there was a Singapore in Limpopo province, South Africa! This map below -- the best I could find online -- gives an idea of where Limpopo province is (ignore the arrow pointing to some other place):

There is of course the well-known Limpopo River...

Hey, come to think of it, doesn't Limpopo sound Chinese :-)

This website below gives just a sliver of information on Singapore, Limpopo...

Anyone for a holiday safari to Singapore, Limpopo?


Postscript: Back to that site. I tried several times to hit the CONFIRM button after I had proudly typed in "Singapore, None, Singapore". But I kept getting an error message. In the end, I typed in "Singapore (historical), Michigan, United States." I got through and was registered. Sigh.

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