Monday, January 27, 2014

After the storm...

After a storm, one may expect to see a rainbow or two. Here are three:

TODAY, Jan 27
Why I made Singapore my home
-- by Bernie Utchenik (founder of the Botak Jones chain)

The Singapore I Got to Know
Reflections after 12 Years as an Expatriate in this City


But other dark clouds have appeared. Who would have thought that Singaporeans -- of all people! -- entertained the idea of burning effigies!...


Elsewhere in the region, in the two countries that will impact Singapore the most, storms are a-brewing too...

Malaysian PM Najib Razak, himself a casualty of self-inflicted social media faux pas, gave the most sensible instruction to his ministers:

Hmm, methinks governments in all the ASEAN countries should take heed. Senior civil servants should also go for such courses so as not to say things like wanting to hide under the bed covers when under stress.

Finally, Sim Choo put this on Facebook. I suppose it is yet another take on how to prepare for a "storm" (see especially point #11)...

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