Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kangkung parodies, a Subway mystery cleared, and an abject ad...

In yesterday's blog, I realised I did not suitably background this item:

There might be people who are clueless about what was all that fuss over kangkung, the Malay term for water spinach. This tongue-in-cheek BBC report is probably one of the better sources of explanation:

#BBCtrending: Be careful what you say about spinach


I love how the BBC story was wrapped up:

"This kangkung obsession is fast becoming a laughing stalk," tweeted comedian Kuah Jenhan. "Lettuce get to the root of the problem. We have mushroom for improvement."

Online, there were spoofs aplenty that lampooned Malaysian PM Najib Razak. One Malaysian coffee chain even allowed customers to pay for a cuppa with kangkung!...


The catharsis released allowed everyone to have a good laugh and move on.

As I have said before, I wish Singaporeans have this natural sense of humour (remember the official awkwardness over the case of the "mee siam mai harm" gaffe?).


Here's another follow-up:

I had wondered if it was indeed possible for high-speed F-16 jets performing aerobatic stunts to come within "a couple of feet" of each other. As I pointed out, that's two footlong Subways apart. Well, one reliable source has affirmed that it is possible and that one foot apart is even possible. "But whether that is wise is another matter," the source said. So, that poser's clarified. Or is it?

Finally, insing.com ran a story that featured this ad:

I will not even include the link here. I think the ad is obnoxious and in really bad taste.

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