Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cutting to the chase, and staying fighting fit with combat durians!

If you (ie, fellow Singaporeans) have not heard of the name Anton Casey by now, then you will be clueless about this pic below:

Nick sent me the link to the story that had this pic. Here it is:


I also got to thinking about the case of how the Malaysian woman in her little red Perodua car gave Singaporean authorities the slip for three whole days after she drove past the Woodlands checkpoint without stopping. As reported in the media, an alert -- akin to the American "all points bulletin (APB)" -- was immediately raised. But to no avail, it seems, despite the Little Red Dot having CCTV cameras nearly everywhere, including on street and expressway lamp posts.

I will not go over stuff that other netizens have raised about how it took three days before the saga (pity, the car was not a Proton Saga) ended.

I just want to put the spotlight on Exhibit A, the Perodua car. There are several models but all are "underpowered" (1000cc) and not very stylishly shaped -- going by Singapore standards. As a result, Perodua cars are not very commonly seen here. They will stick out on our roads and expressways.

Let's assume the woman was driving a Perodua Kelisa, the model you will more likely find here in Singapore. This is what it looks like:

As you can see, it does not look anything like James Bond's DB5. So, police from Day One were looking for a woman driving:
a red
little car
with a 1000cc engine of an antiquated design (can't speed, can't accelerate).

Wah, so hard to spot, ah?

My other issue is this: Are our people who drive to work in secured places, like the MFA, trained to react appropriately if they sense they are being tailgated? Even if no training has ever been provided, surely one can sense something is not quite right when another car has come so close while at the security entrance? Some light should be shed on this.

As I expected, TODAY came out with this correction today (Jan 23):

ST had its blooper too. It had "killed off" somebody!...

Mr Pollini, now aged 72, is still very much alive!

I'll wrap up with this recent ad placed in ST:

I hope the people at MINDEF have seen this ad too. With "COMBAT DURIANs", our soldiers can face any situation, confident of success. It won't matter if we have 3, 6, 9 divisions (see an earlier posting of mine). One division of COMBAT DURIAN-equipped soldiers is all we need. Wasn't it Napoleon who said, "An army marches on its stomach"?

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