Friday, January 17, 2014

Candy of the visual kind, and forces to reckon with...

Until I started blogging, I would typically skip the weekend fashion supplements that come with the Friday newspapers. Why would a man want to read (mostly women's) fashion stuff? But since then, I have been scanning through these supplements to look out for "bloggable" material. Here's something that caught my eye:  

Seen here is an interesting -- and partly literal -- wordplay on the term "arm candy". This term, like "eye candy", refers to attractive women, or in Singlish, "chio bu". Arm candy has the added connotation of an attractive woman seen beside an older man at social events. Such a man might of course be a "sugar daddy". And an arm candy/eye candy, if married, might be referred to as a "trophy wife". The Brits have another term: WAGs, or wives and girlfriends, usually of high-profile soccer players or, more generally, sportsmen.

These (admittedly sexist) terms are found in this Daily Mail article headlined:

Once, the trophy wife was just brainless arm candy. Not any more...

Still on handbags (hmm, shouldn't one of the terms above be "hand candy" then?), here's another one that I deem bloggable:

Actually, I don't care about the bag and I think it's more an object of derision than desire. But the TV test pattern reminds me of the old days when colour TV was first introduced in Singapore. It is so antediluvian yet so poignant!

Meanwhile, this story and pic in TODAY set me thinking...  


So, is the Force with Singapore or have we joined the Dark Side?

Finally, being an aircraft buff, I find this pic of the RSAF's Black Knights (in ST) simple awesome!...

Our air force is certainly with us!

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