Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rock this way! (Part 1).

It was just a typical day reading the newspapers. Then I spotted this ad in TODAY:

That's all there was to it! There was a link given but of course I'm not giving the advertiser more publicity. It looks like a strange ad but if you know your Singlish, you will be familiar with the more usual term, "chio bu". If you are clueless, here's The Coxford Singlish Dictionary to your rescue:

This other strange ad appeared in TODAY too:

Floating towel attendant? I've heard of (but never seen) flying carpets but floating towels? Or maybe the job requirement is for a floating attendant who looks after (non-floating) towels?

I qualify as a senior citizen/retiree but I fail on ability "to do some basic calculation" even if it just involves "towel count". I have dyscalculia, remember"? And I can't float.

Notice also that this job position is #7. There were six other job descriptions which probably better fit the ad's opening tag's lure of promising careers on offer:

But, then, I may be wrong. A senior citizen who can float like Mary Poppins and count towels at the same time is surely "fun, passionate, dynamic, proactive and ambitious". Such a person surely rocks! Which brings me to this third ad which I spotted (also in TODAY):

No need to have the ability to float here. Just let the company rock you and you can then rock the guests. No experience needed too. You'll probably get all the training you will need in the school of hard rocks.

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