Friday, January 10, 2014


This is a bizarre crime story. In Singapore, those found guilty of kidnapping for ransom will hang or get life imprisonment. The last kidnapping case here was in 2003.

Two amateurish kidnappers now face the prospect of a noose round their neck or life imprisonment. They were caught within 12 hours of kidnapping the 79-year-old mother of the boss of supermarket chain Sheng Siong. They had demanded S$20 million but then agreed to the negotiated sum of S$2 million. They were nabbed almost as soon as they had freed the victim. They never got to smell their loot which had been left in a park, as instructed, by the victim's son. Here's part of TODAY's front page story (Jan 10):

TODAY also listed the previous three cases:

I felt there was a certain irony in the story. Here is a woman whose son runs a family-owned supermarket chain known for its wide range of fresh produce. Yet she goes several times a week to buy stuff from the local wet market! Maybe the son should employ her as his supply manager?

So what are the most bizarre kidnapping cases? I think the supposed abduction by aliens top the list. Check out these two links below for your weekend amusement:

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