Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year resolutions.

Resolution 1: If it's weird, wrong, or simply wacky, keep saying so

It is only the first day of 2014, and already I find this weird-looking set of new local stamps (ST, Jan 1)...

Hello, SingPost, why do the horses look so obese? Or are they pregnant?

And I was pretty sure I knew what PM Lee looks like. Now I am not so sure. See this screen grab of xinmsn's Singapore News page (Jan 1):


Resolution 2A: In the Year of the Horse, look out, there may be more gift horses
("If it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true").

Resolution 2B: Beware the superlative claim


Resolution 3: Be more agreeable

Agreeing to agree when agreeing is agreeable
Agreeing to disagree when agreeing would have been disagreeable
Walking away when...


Resolution 4: Be less K-centric

Less kiasu
Less kia see
Less kancheong


Resolution 5: See things from a different perspective


Resolution 6: Most importantly, learn life's lessons from your dog/dogs


OK, I'm done with resolutions. Here's one (No 7) for all you younger folks:

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