Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coffee... the wonder beverage?

I'll stay with medical issues today. I recalled that Tom -- who, like me, has an enlarged prostate -- had sent me an email that referred to a plant known in this region as "misai kucing" (cat's whiskers) whose leaf when extracted and made into a jammu tea was claimed to shrink the prostate! Like me, Tom seemed sceptical although some of his friends seemed to swear by this wonder tea that is popular in Indonesia and Malaysia.

An online check threw up this cautionary pharmacological article:

What is the mechanism of action by which Misai Kucing (Othosiphon stamineus Benth) decreases uric acid levels?


Still on the prostate, coffee may be a better choice... not to shrink the enlarged prostate but in possibly preventing the recurrence and progression of prostate cancer (caveat emptor!):

Four or More Cups of Coffee a Day May Keep Prostate Cancer Recurrence and Progression Away


(I like this coffee mug!)

Here's more kudos for coffee (and nuts)...

Benefits Of Coffee: Caffeine Really Does Help When Trying To Recall Information

(Do click on the "Coffee vs Sex" link too.)

How Coffee, Citrus And Nuts Help Cut The Risk Of Diabetes


Drinking 3 Cups Of Coffee A Day Could Lower Liver Cancer Risk By More Than 50%


Finally, I came across this ST article (July 16, 2011) on a local study linking coffee and liver cancer prevention:

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