Sunday, January 12, 2014

Things that are not always what they seem?

A former colleague put this up on Facebook. It is somewhat hyperbolic. but as the opening lines in the movie American Hustle says, "Some of this is true"...

30 Things That Stress Out Journalists

I found #21 especially amusing: Deciding to join the copydesk.

But it is not true in my case. I enjoyed my work as a copy editor. Here's an old -- probably late 1970s -- pic of me and my colleagues around the "horse shoe" (I will elaborate more on such last-century terms on another occasion) at the old Times House in Kim Seng Road (I am one of the two guys whose backs are to the camera):


Li Peng posted a funny way of looking at the map of Australia:

This Map Shows Australia is Divided Between Cats and Dogs


Finally, if movie misquotes are your thing, check this one out...

10 Famous Movie Misquotes

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