Friday, January 31, 2014

Hokkien: It's as easy as angmohdan, bokkua and C-kueh...

Now that we are greeting each other with "Keong Hee Huat Chye" during this Chinese New Year season, I'd like to stay with things Hokkien -- from a funnybone angle. Even a child can learn Hokkien...

Then there's the IKIA method:

Stuff like days of the week, etc? Bian kia (relax, don't fret), here's help...

Imagine that you've just had the most spicy Hokkien hay mee tar hiam chio chway chway for lunch and is now rushing to get into one of those 10 cents-per-entry toilets run by the Hokkien-speaking only uncles or aunties at the hawker centre, and you find out there's no toilet paper in the cubicle! Again, bian kia, this is a handy guide for such situations...

So, my friends, Hokkien is fun. It can be "poetic" (in a manner of speaking):

It's earthy (remember that haze-related joke, PSI = pi-sai) and humorous. Check out this Thor joke:

And I still think the best tongue twister is this one, in Hokkien, which I had previously posted:


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